Special Structures - Project Manager

Stefano Pinardi

M Civ Eng, OdI Bologna

Fascinated with lightness and numerical algorithms, Stefano has built a career designing lightweight long span structures, convertible roofs, and stadiums, as well as computational methods to make them stand. Stefano has designed numerous long span cable stayed bridges such as the Oxhålssundet Stayed bridge in Stockholm. Saving the Pisa tower from leaning too far and for generations to enjoy such a monument, he designed the Sub-horizontal cable stayed system for the Pisa Tower.

Stefano’s expertise encompasses a wide range of special structures, notably a stadium with a convertible roof in Ohita, Japan; Convertible roof for swimming pool “Carmen Longo” in Bologna; the new Juventus Football Club stadium in Turino; Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada; and Aquapark City in Moscow. His expertise extends further into rail stations, auditoriums, museums, fair pavilions, and airports.

Stefano collaborated as software developer with En.Ex.Sys. s.r.l. for the development of structural software WinStrand 7.0 and following versions. He earned his Degree in Civil Engineering specialization in Structures from the  University of Bologna, and has published numerous papers and researches.

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