Engineering Driving Grand Emotions.

edgeallies is a global alliance of environmentally responsible engineers, building specialists, project managers and sustainability consultants that integrate and work together seamlessly. We are strategically located to service the design, engineering and construction needs of the East and West, and our disciplines cohere as a one-stop center for all of the above. By integrating our expertise we aim to conspire with our clients to create elegant engineering that drives grand emotions.

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edgeallies‘s multidisciplinary team provide a very wide range of architectural, structural and civil engineering services. Each of our project is tailored to satisfy even the most demanding requirements, and they can be fully customized to meet specific needs or expectations.

We refined a comprehensive methodology which grants our clients their projects will be carried out with a rational, operational, and knowledgeable approach that will deliver timely and high-grade results without unexpected delays or costs.

all-around expertise.

A never-ending journey into innovation

We are a consortium of established company with well renowned track record in engineering and construction field that have decided to collaborate as Allies to strengthen our design and creative skills in delivering high complex projects. In this way, we have established a unique visionary reality based on mutual trust between all our associates, partners and teams. Our Allies, located all over the world, have established a global multicultural network and they inherently take care of the environmental and social impact of our work, embracing mutual responsibility. Our purpose is to  integrate different capabilities in order to respond more promptly to the construction market demands. We work seamlessly together to manage risks, unlocking imagination and developing a dynamic stream between technology and empathy. We strive to exceed our limits going beyond challenging preconceptions and unleashing our passion. 

The First Engineering prize - WAF 2019

edgeallies has launched this year for the first time in the World Architecture Festival, a new prize category: The Engineering Prize: For the Best Integration between Engineering and Architecture. The Winner of this edition, shorlisted among seven finalists has been selected by an international jury.

We would thank all participants and attendants to the Critic Room at WAF 19 in Amsterdam. Keep on following on Instagram @edge_allies and stay tuned for 2020 events by our global team!

World Architecture Festival 2019.

Social responsible.


Environmentally aware.

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