Integration, Connections, Trust.

The objective of 2019’s Contest is to propose an innovative concept of edgeallies’ stand for the World Architecture Festival 2019. The booth’s area allocated is 25sqm square plot of 5×5 meters, accessible from all four sides. The maximum height clearance is 4 meters. It is located in a key position of the venue: in front of Miele’s stall (main sponsor), facing the ABB Judge’s Speaker Lounge on the right side, and the Inside Hub – Networking area on the left.

Starting from our brand pay-off: Engineering driving grand emotions, 2019’s call for all designers, architects, artists and creatives is to express edgeallies’ brand identity through our 3 key values we firmly believe into.


The value of Integration has always been perceived by edgeallies as a bridge between the physical and digital world through advanced technologies.
All of edgeallies project have required the most advanced engineering and technological solutions to meet the needs of not only their clients but also their occupants, users and employees.


The value of Connections involves how people live the spaces, interact with them, get engaged by a 360° live-in experience, as well as how they do establish networks.
Since the dawn of civilization, connecting ideas, people, and goods was the catalyst for human prosperity and development. Reliable and up to date transport and infrastructure are the lifeblood of our communities, cities and our economies. As the world’s population grows rapidly, and trade becoming increasingly global, the demand for sustainable, lasting, and expandable transport and infrastructure becomes more urgent and necessary.


The value of Trust represents the base of an alliance, and as Allies the company stands on a solid and long lasting trustee base. This value is fundamental for the human kind for all its decisions, and it is the main driver for establishing, empowering, and evolve any relationships from life to business.


A never-ending journey into innovation

Contest release date
15th July 2019 – 12:00
Deadline for Registration
2nd August 2019 – 12:00
Deadline for Clarification questions
31st July 2019 – 12:00
Date of publication of answers to clarifications
1st August 2019
Deadline for submission of the proposals
13rd September 2019 – 12:00
Date of publication of the Winner
23rd September 2019 
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