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Our Client-Centered Services.

As a full service engineering firm, at edgeallies the benefits of our cross-discipline and collaborative modus operandi are clear, unmistakable, and striking our projects speak for themselves.

Our clients receive the best value where it matters most, without paying for high fees or unnecessary delays.

We bring world-class expertise in every assignments, providing the full spectrum of services necessary to efficiently and reliably serve the needs of our clients in all realms of the world, always bringing our unique expertise, aptitude, and wisdom.

NEW JUVENTUS STADIUM, Turin - Italy | 2010

Structural Engineering.

We turn your vision into certainty

Successful design is the result of the close collaboration between architects and engineers. We do not just provide timely and effective solutions to technical problems, nor our job is finished when the physical integrity of buildings or other large structures is checked: edgeallies is very aware of the pivotal nature of structural engineering as the inner skeleton that shapes what buildings are, and we relentlessly aim to help the architect achieve his or her vision for the project, in a workflow which thrives through cooperation and always leads to flawless results. We rethink structures to make them more responsive to evolving demands.


Our design approach is architect-centered, collaborative and comprehensive in its integration of spaces, skeletal structures, utility infrastructures and technology networks in order to meet the full spectrum of a client’s requests: we always respect the unique aesthetic vision of the architect which is the basis of every ambitious project, and we bring logical, well-conceived, and functional designs to meet our client’s requirements and desires altogether.

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Structural Engineer

MARITIME STATION, Palermo - Italy | 2018

Civil Engineering.

Since the dawn of civilization, connecting ideas, people, and goods was the catalyst for human prosperity and development. Reliable and up to date transport and infrastructure is the lifeblood of our communities, cities and our economies. As the world’s population grows rapidly, and trade becoming increasingly global, the demand for sustainable, lasting, and expandable transport and infrastructure becomes more urgent and necessary. At edgeallies we develop innovative, comprehensive and sustainable engineering solutions for a future in which society can thrive. Our design approach is economy-centered, collaborative and comprehensive in its integration.


We collaborate with local governments, economists, planners, architects, consultants, program managers and construction managers to deliver sustainable high-performing transportation, energy, communication, and utility infrastructures to support thriving communities. We work to make our design more responsive to evolving demands. We respond by enhancing the engineering performance of our design and improving structures meeting clients’ needs.

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Civil Engineer

ABHA REGIONAL HUB AIRPORT, Abha - Saudi Arabia | 2018


New soul to your project

Thanks to our world-class mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers, we assure the complete integration of all MEP network complexes needed to upgrade a new or a pre-existent building, in order to provide all the building systems which can ensure the highest comfort of their future or present users and occupants –with the commitment of reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the surrounding environment and the health of its inhabitants. Our team covers multiple disciplines and incorporates ecological design concepts and features into all of its projects. Our sustainability team investigates ways to advance our sustainable design processes, working as an accelerator for thought leadership at the practice.


As a result of our sustainability design we make certain that each of our projects meets international environmental codes, from LEED to ASTM to ISO 14000. Therefore, our MEP and sustainability team works directly with the design teams, delivers insight and measures improvements, to develop a sustainable vision for projects carried out by the practice.

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MEP Engineer


Façade Engineering.

Watch and stand in awe

Whatever the scale or the purpose, the façade is the first and most impactful way through which every building connects to the surrounding environment with its distinguishable identity and visual. A facade is a crucial element of a successful building that determines both its aesthetics and performance. The façade is where the architect’s vision is mostly expressed.  We bring together façade engineers, building services engineers, structural engineers and contractors in order to meet the many and varying performance criteria that lie behind today’s increasingly complex façades.  


Understanding the importance of delivering high performance solutions that take into consideration both user comfort as well as the aesthetics expectations, our team of façade engineers can provide sustainable innovative solutions that make every façade an integrated part of a building’s identity and energy strategy – addressing issues such as static and dynamic loads, thermal insulation, ventilation, lighting, solar control, and acoustics.

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BIM Model of Architecture / Structure / MEP | 2017


Advanced tools for greater challenges

Building Information Modeling technology supports us throughout the design process, making better design decisions, improving building performance and allowing more effective collaboration across the entire project lifecycle. We believe BIM is the most up-to-date tool that allows to efficiently face the challenges of modern construction industry. The world of construction has already changed and the needed skills are moving towards the digital evolution of design coordination. Our effort is to be on top of the latest innovations and cut-off the level of excellence on time.


Whenever specific standards and infrastructure are required to coordinate medium/large sized projects playing with multiple stakeholders, it’s common to face the arising of specific problems. By implementing the latest BIM technologies, we are able to organize, manage and store a vast amount of information in a single unified model: from in-house operational support to coaching and training, from clash detection of building services to fabrication drawings, cutting unnecessary costs or delays.

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