Civil Engineering - Service Leader

Sergio Di Maio

M Hydr/Civil Eng, OAPP Palermo, AGI

High capacity for integration in multicultural and international environments, Sergio has accumulated a wide experience in the field of design, construction management and testing of important public works in the field of Public Transport, Structural Engineering, Geotechnics, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering. During his professional career he developed his technical skills,organizational and management operating on very complex  realities of both the public sector and private in Italy and abroad. He is a trusted consultant for the National Dams Service, and is part of the experts of the European Community and has been repeatedly appointed a member of Commission for the awarding of tenders for consultancy and engineering services (PHARE and TACIS programs).

In the field of tunnels he carried out the planning and control during construction and the operation of numerous hydraulic, road and railway tunnels. In the field of roads and railways he has carried out the design of numerous roads in Italy and abroad. In particular he has carried out projects in the role of project coordinator for several institutions (ANAS, FS, Municipality of Rome, World Bank).

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