Service Leader

Salvatore Distefano

M Civil Eng, OAPP Eng Rome, SCE KSA

A Service Leader and Senior Civil Engineer at EdgeAllies, he plays a leadership role in Structural Design Preparation for many significant projects. Salvatore holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from University Catania focusing on Transport and Structures, and a PMP certified project manager, he has accumulated significant number of years of specializing in design, design review, project management and coordination of projects.

Salvatore’s design experience ranges from building structures to bridges, overpasses, underpasses, roads, tunnels, roads, railways, marine piers, and geotechnical solutions in critical conditions and  seismic zones. He has designed and supervised works in Italy and the Middle East for projects such as Structural seismic vulnerability and evaluation of existing and historic buildings in Rome and Livorno, the new Maritime Station in Palermo, design and supervision of Security Forces headquarters buildings in Saudi Arabia, industrial buildings and facilities for Lukoil in Bulgaria and Alenia Spazio in Milan, and the design of the new ENI headquarters & de Gasperi EST S. Donato in Milan. Addio ally he has worked and designed for Salerno‐Reggio Calabria and Pedemontana Lombarda highways, High Capacity railway of  Milano‐Bologna, railways in Saudi Arabia and roads in the UAE and Oman.

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