Board of Directors Member

Massimo Majowiecki

M Str Eng, OdI Bologna, IASS, IABSE

The design’s philosophy and methodology that characterize Massimo Majowiecki’s work are mainly rooted in an interaction between theoretical research and professional services.

In the 1970’s Professor Massimo Majowiecki developed an interactive graphics software system, designed for form-finding, statics and dynamical analysis of membranes and cable networks, which had no precedents worldwide; and he designed several structures, developing lightweight structural concepts, types and technologies as a natural continuation of the work of Nervi, Morandi and Musmeci. In 1980 Mr. Majowiecki established an office for structural engineering in Bologna (Studio Tecnico Majowiecki) and, ever since then, Mr. Majowiecki created a remarkable number of projects; among them, a few are worth mentioning: the 120 metre span membrane covering the “Piazza Italia” of the Fair District in Milan, the roof of Athens’s indoor stadium, which is a 140 metre diameter cable net structure. Mr. Majowiecki also simultaneously designed two major stadiums in Italy: the Olympic stadium of Rome and the “Delle Alpi” Stadium in Turin, both stadiums were meant to host the 1990 soccer World Cup games. The broadly acclaimed value of those two works earned Mr. Majowiecki the acknowledgement of his leading role in structural architecture.

Having designed more than two hundred constructions, both in Italy and abroad, Mr. Majowiecki earned a great deal of expertise, which represents the foundation of Majowiecki’s experience–based, synthetic, conceptual design approach. Said approach is the cornerstone of Majowiecki`s work.

Lately, Mr. Majowiecki has been involved in the designing of high rise hotel buildings in Bologna, Milano, Libya and Russia; the new 300 metre long hangar for Olympic Airways and the new Karaiskaki Stadium in Athens, Greece; the new retractable roofs for the Stadium of Venice and of the Olympic swimming-pool of Bologna, Italy; the EUR Congress Hall in Rome; the Exhibition halls of the Bologna Fair District; the new Flowers’ Market of Genoa; the structural design of the new Fair of Rome and the under construction new Juventus Stadium in Torino; the new train stations of Rome and Florence (working design); the footbridges over the Reno River and over the Highway A-13 in Italy; the 330m central span cable stayed bridge over the Adige river and the 170m central span railway bridge in Korintos (Greece).

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