Engineering Driving Grand Emotions.

We develop innovative, comprehensive and sustainable engineering solutions for a future in which society can thrive. Our design approach is economy-centered, collaborative and comprehensive in its integration. We collaborate with local governments, economists, planners, architects, consultants, program managers and construction managers to deliver sustainable high-performing transportation, energy, communication, and utility infrastructures to support thriving communities.


all-around expertise.

A never-ending journey into innovation

edgeALLIES engineers and designers have been collaborating together since 2004 on various significant projects and have planned, designed and engineered airports, hospitals, higher education buildings, diplomatic missions and civic/cultural centers, as well as commercial and private structures. All of them have required the most advanced engineering and technological solutions to meet the needs of not only their clients but also their occupants, users and employees.

At edgeALLIES, our value proposition is to enrich projects by bringing together, in a well managed, highly structured organization, construction and technology experts from around the world tailored specifically to suit each project and clients particular requirements. Our clients, therefore, receive the best value where it matters most, without paying unnecessarily for high fees. Whether you choose to collaborate with us on one or several of the many services we provide, our approach will always be Symbiotic, cross integrating the knowledge of our experts in various fields in the service(s) you select. Founded by an award-winning architect, Ahmed Zaidan, we are truly insightful of the various challenges faced by architects and clients when it comes to engineering.

what makes us special.

we always take an extra step

EdgeAllies’s multidisciplinary team provide a very wide range of architectural, structural and civil engineering services.

Each of our project is tailored to satisfy even the most demanding requirements, and they can be fully customized to meet specific needs or expectations.

We refined a comprehensive methodology which grants our clients their projects will be carried out with a rational, operational, and knowledgeable approach that will deliver timely and high-grade results without unexpected delays or costs.

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